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Important: Specific Loss Cost & Reports Retired Effective December 9th 2013, we retired the following:

  • • Non-Sprinklered Risks older than 25 years.
  • • Class Rated Risks of any age that have no Commercial Property Reports attached to them.

Automatic Sprinklered Risks have not been affected.

New reports can be ordered at no cost to you. To order a new report or loss cost, just go to "Inspection and then Request Inspection". Our turnaround time is less than 30 days.

Questions? Contact 206-217-0101 or

compliance news

Added February 20, 2013: OIC Changes Procedure On Delay Adoption of Bureau Rate Filings

The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has revised its procedure for handling a subscriber's request to delay the adoption of a rating bureau's rate, rule, or loss cost filing. For public access reasons, the effective date for these types of filings will be assigned the same date as the bureau's effective date, regardless of what date the filing adoption is delayed to. The OIC's basis for this decision is that the effective date of the bureau filing is the first date your otherwise approved rates and rules would be impacted.

Also, a proposal to delay the adoption of bureau rates, rules or loss costs must be submitted in a separate filing from any other changes to your rates and rules. This is necessary for public disclosure purposes, since the two filings take effect on different dates. Therefore, if you would like to make additional changes upon adoption, you will need to provide those changes in a separate filing reflecting your intended effective date. Filings that attempt to combine the delayed adoption of a bureau filing with additional changes upon adoption will be rejected.

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