Updated December 23: Loss Costs Are Now Faster To Lookup: Did you know, when you log in to PropertyEDGE our Class and Specifically Rated risks will appear in an overlay on the map with a link to the loss cost? [...]Learn More
Updated November 1: PPCM Reformatted: PPCM (Public Protection/BCEGS Classification Manual) is reformatted into two documents - one for the rules and one for classifications and codes. The classification document uses three tables. The first table displays PPC classifications and has been streamlined by the removal of the BCEG grade and Territory Code data and limiting the list to graded districts.The second table lists the BCEG classifications. The BCEG grade information has grown enough for a separate listing.The third table lists the Commercial Statistical Plan Territory Codes.

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PropertyEDGE, a new way to look for reports and loss costs. It's fast, accurate and easy. Looking up loss costs and automatic sprinkler reports can take time. Using PropertyEDGE, that time is reduced to less than a minute. Instantly, on a map PropertyEDGE shows if the building has been surveyed.

general casualty report

General Casualty Report

You can now order a General Casualty Report supplement when you order a standard Commercial Property Report with Specific Loss Costs. The General Casualty Report includes information on casualty hazards, premises conditions, upgrades, crime, security and housekeeping. For larger risks, our experienced staff can provide a more detailed report customized to your needs.

nationwide compliance filing


Our online Compliance Filing Library includes all WSRB filings and related Circulars. You can search Line of Business, Form & Filing information, Effective Date in WSRB's streamlined Compliance Filing search tool.