WSRB Who We Are

WSRB A Property Rating Risk Assessment Company
Our Mission

The mission of WSRB is to deliver accurate, reliable and timely information about risk.

Who We Are

WSRB is Washington's premier source of property underwriting and rating information for the insurance industry.

We operate as a non-profit, public-service institution. Our services are available to all companies licensed to sell property insurance in Washington, and to the public, including consumers, agents, and professionals involved in promoting sound fire protection practices.

The operation of WSRB is funded by an annual assessment of our subscribers, based on premiums written in Washington.

WSRB has been in continuous operation since 1911, with roots that go back into the 19th century.

What We Do

We are, first and foremost, an information-gathering and publishing organization. We are an independent, authoritative resource for the insurance industry.

Through physical inspections, we evaluate commercial buildings throughout the state to develop and publish equitable loss costs. Our database of buildings contains important underwriting information and is available to all our subscribers. Underwriters and Loss Control representatives rely on our Commercial Property Reports to help evaluate risks.

On behalf of our subscribers, we prepare and file with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner the rules, rates, and forms for several lines of property insurance: Farm, Commercial Fire and Allied Lines, Businessowners, Dwelling and Homeowners insurance. Public Protection Classifications and Building Code Enforcement Grades are also automatically filed on behalf of subscribers to this service.

We inspect and evaluate the fire defenses and building code enforcement of cities, counties, and municipal fire districts to develop and publish comparative classifications. These classifications can help our subscribers and the public in the goal of achieving adequate and equitable coverage. Our online PROTECTION service provides Agents, Underwriters, and others with instant, accurate at-risk Public Protection Classifications and FEMA flood data. Our Public Protection information can be consumed directly into forms and applications with our Web Services.