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Federal vs. State Regulation of Insurance - National Governors Association Letter
  • calendar Updated 04-16-2014: In a recent letter to FIO, the National Governors Association declared that they "stand ready to defend and protect the state system." WSRB would like to commend the NGA for their willingness to defend the current regulatory system.

OIC Changes Procedure On Delay Adoption of Bureau Rate Filings
  • calendar Updated 02-20-2014: The Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has revised its procedure for handling a subscriber's request to delay the adoption of a rating bureau's rate, rule, or loss cost filing. For public access reasons, the effective date for these types of filings will be assigned the same date as the bureau's effective date, regardless of what date the filing adoption is delayed to. The OIC's basis for this decision is that the effective date of the bureau filing is the first date your otherwise approved rates and rules would be impacted.

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WSRB GIS Mapping
PropertyEDGE ™
  • WSRBCompliance offers the full range of compliance services required by insurers in the marketplace today. Nationwide, we can manage or assist with the regulatory process from start to finish in any line of business.

    Our online Compliance Filing Library includes all WSRB filings and related Circulars. You can search Line of Business, Form & Filing information, Effective Date in WSRB's streamlined Compliance Filing search tool.

WSRB General Casualty Report
General Casualty Report
  • You can now order a General Casualty Report supplement when you order a standard Commercial Property Report with Specific Loss Costs.

    The new General Casualty Report includes information on casualty hazards, premises conditions and upgrades, crime and security, housekeeping, and more, for the low fee of $75. We can also provide you with answers to specific questions that you may have about the property. Just click on the General Casualty Report box under Specialty Services when ordering your Commercial Property Report.

Become A Subscriber
Become A Subscriber
  • Any insurer authorized to write within the state of Washington can request subscription to WSRB. Simply complete the Subscription Registration Form. Along with the form, provide your name, phone number and email address, so we can get back to you right away. Then send the form to us by mail, fax or email.

    WSRB is Washington's premier source of property underwriting and rating information for the insurance industry. We operate as a non-profit, public-service institution. Our services are available to all companies licensed to sell property insurance in Washington, and to the public, including consumers, agents, and professionals involved in promoting sound fire protection practices.